Upcoming Shows (message me for details)

2021Western Swingout - ^^^ - See flyer

May 28-31st - Tehachapi, CA. With the Tehachapi Ruff Riders

July 10th - Houston, TX Concert With Brian Holland & Danny Coots

August 3-7th - Port Townsend Acoustic Blues Workshop - (Virtual).

August 13-15th - Sutter Creek Ragtime Festival (solo)

September 9-12th - Viva Las Vegas

October 1-4th - Redwood Coast Jazz Festival

October 13-17th - Sun Valley Jazz Festival

October 21-24th - Pismo Beach Jazz Jubilee

November 19-21st - West Coast Ragtime Festival (tentative)

November 25-28th - San Diego Jazz Festival



February 22nd

Verbatim Books, San Diego

With The St. Louis Steady Grinders



March 6/7/8

Dixieland Moneterey

CSL Trio


March 21st

Ebullition Brew Works

Vista, CA

With the Ruff Riders


April 3rd

Carillo Ballroom

Santa Barbara

With Dave Stuckey's Hot House Gang


April 9-12

Viva Las Vegas

Orleans Hotel

Various artists


April 17/18/19

Three Rivers Jazz Affair

Three Rivers, CA

CSL Trio


May 7-10

Redwood Coast Music Festival

Various bands


May 15th

Carillo Ballroom

Santa Barbara, CA


May 22-25

Western Swingout

Tehachapi, CA

with Ruff Riders


June 13/14

Old Town Music Hall

Ragtime festival

El Segundo, CA


June 25th

Walnut Village

Anaheim, CA



July 23rd

Barn Events

Longmont, CO

CSL Trio


July 24-26

Evergreen Jazz Festival

CSL Trio


July 27- Aug 1st

Port Townsend Acoustic Blues Workshop 

Port Townsend, WA



August 2nd

The Royal Room

Seattle, WA

Solo piano CSL & Ricky Nye


August 9th

House Concert

Atascadero, CA

Leyland, Holland & Coots


August 12th

House Concert

Orcutt, CA

Leyland, Holland & Coots


August 14/15/16

Sutter Creek Ragtime Festival


September 1st

House Concert

Leyland, Holland, Coots

Details to follow


September 4/5/6

Hot Jazz Jubilee

Sacramento, CA

CSL Trio


September 11/12/13

Penticton, BC

CSL & Friends

(Quartet w/ Jacob Zimmerman,

Ryan Gould & Josh Collazo)


September 20th

Northern Virginia Ragtime Society



September 25th

Focal Point

St. Louis, MO


October 13-19

Sun Valley Jazz Festival

Various bands


October 23/24/25

Pismo Jubilee By The Sea

Creole Syncopaters & others


November 15th

San Francisco Boogie Festival

SF Jazz

Solo & with other pianists


November 20/21/22

West Coast Ragtime Festival

Rancho Cordova, CA



November 26-29

San Diego Thanksgiving Jazz Festival