Upcoming Shows (message me for details)



August 4th

Afternoon House concert with

Brian Holland & Danny Coots

(Note: Attendees must sign up ahead with 


8940 San Gabriel Road,

Atascadero, CA

See instructions on flyer below or

contact Meg Crockett for info

805 503 9878




August 7th

House concert with

Brian Holland & Danny Coots

Orcutt, CA


August 9/10/11

Sutter Creek Ragtime Festival


August 14th

With Chloe Feoranzo

Teo Leo's

San Diego, CA


August 24th

Private Event

Ventura, CA


August 26th

Joe's Burbank

CSL Quartet


September 15th

2pm start

Carl Sonny Leyland Trio

with special guest Dan Barrett

Dixieland Jazz Club Of Rossmoor

1021 Stanley Dollar Drive,

Walnut Creek, CA